People - Environment - Quality

Producing goods means accepting responsibility: responsibility for product quality and reliable delivery. Fast order processing, warehousing of reactants and flexible manufacturing capabilities ensure reliable and fast delivery. High demands regarding our raw materials and permanent control of our products ensure a high quality standard – for every order.

Social and environmental responsibility

Producing also means taking responsibility for people and the environment. Therefore, social thinking shapes our everyday work and influences the selection of our partners and suppliers. Nothing can be created from nothing, though. The enhancement in value of surfaces through functional coatings requires the use of chemicals and energy. It is up to us however, to maintain an ecological perspective when selecting materials and processes and weighing the benefits and drawbacks of products. At ETC PRODUCTS we take the ecological balance of our products and their packaging materials seriously. To protect employees and everyone who comes into contact with our products, we completely eliminate substances that are classified as carcinogenic or toxic. At our company occupational health and safety have a high priority, as do compliance and engagement with all the relevant regulations and guidelines, such as the regulation on chemicals, the detergents regulation or REACh.